3 - smallerHi! I’m David.

I help people live healthier and happier lives through learning about themselves, food, exercise, and mindset.

Since I was 16, I’ve experimented with different types of eating, various forms of exercise, and have learned a lot about psychology.

What we eat / think / do makes up who we are!

I’m an RN, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Coach.

I became an RN because I wanted to take care of people! I had great experiences within the hospital, met many great staff and had lots of interesting patients, but I learned that my true passions were in nutrition and exercise.

Outside of the hospital, I’ve been able to help clients instill new habits that allow them to make healthy decisions on a long term basis. Through resources like “Precision Nutrition” and “The Fitcast”, I’ve expanded my learning and continue to learn and grow.